Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle (#2) by Katie Coyle

Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle (#2)
Katie Coyle

With the rapture predicted by the Church of America having passed, Vivian and Harpreet are two of the few who know the truth: that the rapture was staged and the believers who were chosen are either missing or dead. Can they stop Pastor Frick and the church's mad grab for power and control over society? 

Or will this rapture really be the beginning of the end. Vivian and Harpreet are idealistic teens who will stop at nothing to reveal the truth in this sequel to Vivian Apple at the End of the World (HMH, 2015). The characters are well rounded and believable and represent multiple personalities and ideologies. 

The plot is fast paced but difficult to follow for newcomers to the series. Religion—the lack of faith or unwavering belief in it—is a central component to the story line. Readers will be questioning their own belief systems and asking themselves just how far they would go to uncover the truth. Fans of the first volume will want to read this thought-provoking continuation. VERDICT A great addition to YA collections.

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