Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Sweetheart

The Sweetheart
Angelina Mirabella
Fiction M67s

It’s 1953 and seventeen-year-old Leonie Putzkammer feels destined to spend the rest of her life waiting tables and living with her widowed father, Franz, in their Philadelphia row house. Until the day legendary wrestling promoter Salvatore Costantini walks into the local diner and offers her the chance of a lifetime.

Leonie sets off for Florida to train at Joe Pospisil’s School for Lady Grappling. There, she transforms into Gorgeous Gwen Davies, tag-team partner of legendary Screaming Mimi Hollander, and begins a romance with the soon-to-be Junior Heavyweight Champion Spider McGee. But when life as Gorgeous Gwen leaves her wanting, she orchestrates a move that will catapult her from heel to hero: she becomes The Sweetheart, a choice that attracts the fans she desires but complicates all of her relationships—with Franz, Joe, Spider, Mimi (who becomes her fiercest competitor), and even with herself.

She triumphs, she fails, but somehow she manages to endure when the odds are never in her favor.  Her actions hold promise: if she can, maybe we can, too.  In a novel about wrestling, Angelina Mirabella tells a surprising, affecting, and morally complex story about the path to adulthood.

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