Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Undead with Benefits

Undead with Benefits
Jeff Hart
Fiction H251u

The living dead, living it up.

Jake and Amanda have started to get the hang of their undead life of crime. They're totally in love, they have a trunk stocked with guinea pigs (aka zombie snacks), and they've picked up a new psychic friend who just may be their ticket into Iowa, where a cure for the zombie virus is rumored to be waiting.

Ex-government zombie hunter CASS can hardly believe she's aiding and abetting two undead fugitives. And she has to get over her stupid crush on Jake before Amanda literally bites her head off.

But once they cross the border into Iowa, things take a turn for the worse. Jake, Amanda, and Cass must contend with an unlikely zombie warlord, brain-dead ghouls, and their own awkward love triangle if they're going to make it out alive. But they never expected that in searching for the undead cure, they'd somehow find the meaning of life—well, unlife—in an eat-or-be-eaten world.

(From publisher.)

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